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United Nation Youth and Student Association Nepal is directly recognized by WFUNA,UN Headquarter,NY,USA. It has become a source of inspiration for millions and millions of youth across globe. Youth of the world attach a great importance to the program, which United Nations has been carrying out throughout the world for the greater interest of young people. Therefore, youth of the world have felt the need of contributing to strengthen the role of United Nations in achieving its goals enshrined in its charter.
It has become the responsibility of the youth of the world to render significant contribution for the implementation of the program adopted by the United Nations. Youth are facing a number of challenges emanating from poverty, unemployment, conflict, illiteracy, exploitation and discrimination. Therefore, it has become globally important to forge unity among the youth of the world and of the countries concerned. Organizational entity plays significant role in uniting youth and mobilizing their strength towards building a world without war, poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, corruption, unemployment, diseases and hunger.
It is therefore, the youth of Nepal Assembled together and decided to establish United Nations Youth and Students Association Nepal, in order to, contribute in alleviating these problems and meeting challenges on the way ahead and consolidating peace and international understanding. This Association will forge solidarity with the Youth of other countries and work together for the noble cause of building international society based on peace, social justice, harmony, nonviolence and common prosperity and unity.


Our Value

We want to change lives 100% for the better and we want each youth to have the chance to realize their full potential. We work with our international youth for lasting change. Our projects and programs serve beyond the provision of basic needs. We work towards advancing education, developing skills and creating opportunity for a better life. We share our talents, gifts and vocation with our youth to strengthen them and help them achieve their goals.

Why UNYSAN Youth?

To build a world based on peace, prosperity, nonviolence, human rights, justice, social harmony and Un Ideals through empowering and mobilizing youth. To promote youth empowerment through providing them employment and opportunity to participate in the decision making process and to enjoying their rights to education and to a prosperous future.

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Mr. Madan Rai


National General Secretary


Dr. Saral Sharma

Vice President

National Vice President


Mr. Amrit Banjade

Secretary General

Project Management Officer


Ms.Bindhyawatee Rai


Education Officer


Ms. Jophen Lama


Program Officer


Mr. Subin Gurung

Executive Board Mamber

Subin Gurung is an Executive Member of United Nations Youth and Student Association of Nepal


Ms Pragyawatee Rai

Executive Board Member

Ms Pragyawatee Rai is a Research Officer at Conference Management in one of Nepal’s renowned


Mr. Bikash Rai

Executive Board Member

Bikash Rai is a BIT (Bachelor in Information Technology) graduate from Purbanchal University. He has


Ms. Manita Pokharel

Executive Board Member

Manita Pokharel is a Media Personality pursuing MBA degree from DAV Business School and also


Ms. Nirmala Nepali

Executive Board Member

Nirmala Nepali is an executive member of United Nations Youth and Student Association of Nepal

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