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United Nations Youth & Student Association Nepal (UNYSAN) calls for the nomination of the 2016-2017 “General Member”. United Nations has emerged as a most indispensable world organization committed to promote the welfare of all human beings. Youth of the world attach a great importance to the program, which United Nations has been carrying out throughout the world for the greater interest of young people. Therefore youth of the world have felt the need of contributing to strengthen the role of United Nations in achieving its goals enshrined in its charter.

Youth are facing a number of challenges emanating from poverty, unemployment, conflict, illiteracy, exploitation and discrimination. Therefore it has become globally important to forge unity among the youth of the world and of the countries concerned. Organizational entity plays significant role in uniting youth and mobilizing their strength towards building a world without war, poverty, illiteracy malnutrition, corruption, unemployment, disease and hunger.

It is therefore, the youth of Nepal assembled together and decided to establish  united nations youth and student association Nepal (UNYSAN), in order to contribution in alleviating these problems and meeting the challenges on the way ahead and consolidating peace and international understanding. This association will forge solidarity with the youth of other countries and work together for the noble cause of building international society based on peace, social justice harmony, peace and common prosperity and unity. United Nations youth and student association Nepal (UNYSAN) was established in august 2006 as an independent youth association which is recognized by world federation of United Nations association (WFUNA), United Nations association of Nepal, ministry of foreign affairs Nepal.

This organization is deeply committed to promoting UN ideals, world peace, youth empowerment and the goals of the world federation of United Nations association.  This association works under the guidance of the world federation of United Nations association and in close association with United Nations association of Nepal for the realization of the above objective. It has a history of having organized a number of activities related to youth in particular and has the capacity to hold activities of national and international importance.


Creation of peaceful world on the basis of non-violence, social harmony, peace, prosperity and UN Ideals through empowering and mobilizing youth, promoting inclusive participation and fostering unity in diversity.


UNYSAN will be active to promote youth empowerment through capacity building and creating path to participate in decision making process. 

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must be a Nepali Citizen
  • Must be 15-30 years old
  • Must be willing to work on a voluntary basis
  • One PP size Photo

Position:  General Member

Submission Requirements:                                                          

  • Aged 15-30 years old and committed to the sustainable development goal, human rights and peace agenda of the United Nations.
  • Able and willing to voluntarily engage with the global UN youth leadership initiatives and establish effective connections between local, regional and global initiatives.
  • Experienced in working with youth networks, clubs and the community.
  • Endorsed by a youth service or youth-led organization with a special interest and an advocacy base.
  • Ability to Organize and act as a good team player, with a flexible working approach.
  • Able to liaise and affiliate with differently structured organizations at the national, regional, and international levels, such as: governments, donor agencies, UN agencies, educational institutes, media, NGOs, etc.
  • Able to work well in a cross-cultural team and environment.
  • Available to participate in meetings and activities in Kathmandu.
  • Gifted with strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to communicate clearly and concisely?
  • A strong communicator (with skills in English an advantage)
  • Most importantly – “do you have something to say about youth in Nepal?”

Who are especially encouraged to apply?

We strongly encourage applications from persons with diverse backgrounds and encourage female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds including persons with disabilities to apply.

Participation in the UNYSAN is on a voluntary basis with no financial remuneration/ benefit.

Where do you send the Application?

 If you fulfill most or all of these criteria, please send the completed application form to Deadline for applications is the 15th of January 2017. Successful candidates will be contacted

Dates to Remember:

.Deadline for applications is the 15th of January, 2017. Successful candidates will be contacted.

.Why do you want to be a general member sof this organization? (Please write approximately 250 words)

.Please provide a brief biography, including information about area of expertise. (Please write approximately 250 words)

Last Name First Name Middle Name
Nickname Religion
Date of Birth Age Sex
Permanent Address
Region / District
*Facebook Account (Not mandatory)
E-mail Address
Contact Number
Mobile Landline
*Allergy and Dietary Restrictions
*Pre-existing Medical Conditions
Name of School & Address Inclusive Dates Highest Level Attained
High School
Name of Organization & Address Inclusive Dates Position Held
(Use additional entries.)
Name of Activity & Brief Description Sponsor Organization Inclusive Dates
(Use additional entries.)
Training/Seminar Sponsor Organization Inclusive Dates
(Use additional entries.)
V. Rate your familiarity with UN work or  Procedures:
Unfamiliar Average Excellent
Has never or rarely participated in an organizational meeting or assembly that used UN Development work and Procedures. Has participated several times in an organizational meeting or assembly that used UN Development work and Procedures. Regularly participates in an organizational meeting or assembly that uses UN Development work and Procedures.
Rank the following according to your area of interest, with 1 being the highest and 4 being the lowest.
(Your preference will be considered in identifying your committee assignment during the Parliament.)
Education Health
Employment Participation


Explain why you would like to be part of the UNSAN
Important: Limit your answer to 150-300 words.
Name Profession Contact Number




(For Applicants Below 18)


I, __________________________________________________________, mother, father, legal guardian of Ms./Mr. ______________________________________________ do hereby declare that I have read the information provided above and decided to allow my child to participate.







Date Accomplished


(Signature may be in e-signature format.)


I hereby certify that all facts and information indicated herein are true and correct. I further declare that any information given by me, which is untrue, may constitute a ground for expulsion from the United Nations Youth & Student Association Nepal.


I also certify that no portion of my answers to the essay questions have not been lifted from the works of other people than myself.


I am willing to volunteer and also will shoulder my transportation/travelling expenses necessary to facilitate my participation to the activity.









Date Accomplished


(Signature may be in e-signature format.)

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