Mr. Amrit Banjade

Mr. Amrit Banjade is an executive member and National project management officer of United Nations Youth and Student Association of Nepal. He has completed Bachelor of Business Administration from Liberty College in 2015. He is passionate about creating meaningful change through community leadership and the empowerment of young people through education and employment. He has previously served as a general member at United Nations Youth & Student Association Nepal (UNYSAN) since 2010 & attending different youth related issue, program and agenda. He involves himself in various volunteering activities both within and outside the valley. With more than four years of hands-on experience at the field-level, He has work experience in the areas of youth empowerment, education, leadership, youth capacity building and entrepreneurship. He is also passionate about seeing young people educated about global issues and using this education to have a meaningful impact on their community.

Mr. Banjade can be reached at: Twitter:

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