Mr. Subin Gurung

Subin Gurung is an Executive Member of United Nations Youth and Student Association of Nepal – UNYSAN. He is a Social Activist, born and bred in a remote village in Nepal. In search of better education and opportunities, his family migrated to various cities and finally ended up at Kathmandu in 2007. His academic performance was very good however like most of the youth he had difficulty identifying his career and aim. Due to certain circumstances, he was on the verge of going abroad, however, the devastating earthquake of April 2015 became a turning point in his life as he started to volunteer with different organizations on various relief projects for 7 months.Then he got introduced to International Citizen Service, a 12-week cross-cultural youth volunteering programme led by VSO Nepal. Because of the ICS experience, he decided to study Social Work and Psychology despite 3 years of gap. During the course of 3 years he kept on contributing his time and effort in various campaigns; awareness on Suicide Prevention and advocacy for mainstreaming of psychological issues such as social stigma, discriminatory laws, human resource development and inclusion of mental health and psychosocial wellbeing in primary health care system in the national agenda with The School of Psychology – TSoP Nepal from 2016 to 2017. He is a National Youth Volunteer of VSO Nepal working in NYEN project engaging and empowering young people to lead as agents of change by strengthening the capacity of community youths, creating a space to have their voice and promoting active citizenship. He believes that the culture of volunteerism should be widespread especially among youth.

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