Ms. Jophen Lama

As the youngest member of our executive board, Jophen Lama stands as an example to people who are seeking for reasons why they should support ‘Not-Too-Young-To-Run’. She served as Program Officer of UNYSAN in her high school days, and after her graduation in 2018, serves as Treasurer.

She started off as a scout with very keen interest to help the society and later after volunteering in many social campaigns, she became a member of Amnesty International and UNYSAN. Besides, she is found to be a beauty pageant enthusiast. She has won four contests till the date and shares how it helped her grow as a public speaker and a social activist. With a vision of ‘feminism to empower girls all over the world’, she believes youths have a major role to play to bring equality in action. She strongly stands by the statement that every individual has the power to make a change but only the unity of individuals can make the change permanent. She is someone who is optimistic in any kind of situation and encourages people to spread positivity along with her. Explaining how much of a workaholic she is, she says working smart is very essential. She is exuberant, empathetic, unassuming and a little humorous to sum up.

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