Dr. Prakash Banjade

Dr. Prakash Banjade is the president of United Nations Youth and Student Association of Nepal. He has joined as a general member in 2009 AD and shouldered up the responsibility of the president since 2014 to 2018. Mr. Banjade is an active and enthusiastic youth serving the society since the age of 10 years via Nepal Red cross society, Child Rights clubs and youth clubs etc. He worked as an assistant editor of Journal of Kathmandu medical college since 2013-2015. He served in Amnesty international Nepal and Kathmandu Medical College social club. He has conducted many medical research and published many articles in print and broadcast media. As a student he participated in speech competition and was a champion in inter-school speech competition in Arghakhanchi. He also wrote essays and got second position in western development region essay competition “ Effect of children on civil war” organized by Nepal red cross society- 2003. Dr.Banjade was born and raised in rural village of Arghakhanchi district, western region of Nepal. He completed his high school from Janata Secondary School, Arghakhanchi and then studied PCL in GM from National Academy for Medical Science, Kathmandu and MBBS from Kathmandu Medical College, Kathmandu (affiliated to Kathmandu University).

When he grew up, Arghakhanchi, Kimdanda village had no good school, no health post, no running water, and no good roads. Even to this day, the village has no electricity, no telephone service. At that time (1996-2006), Nepalese Civil War (labelled People’s War by the Maoists) was a conflict between government forces and Maoist fighters in Nepal. Dr. Banjade was actively engaged in Nepal’s democracy movement sometimes referred to as “Jana Andolan-II” (People’s Movement-II) in 2006, the political agitations against the direct and undemocratic rule of King Gyanendra of Nepal. His experience of rural life, before he had any clear dream about his future, all he wanted to do is to increase income of rural people, reduce poverty level, quality & peaceful education, and wanted to have access to health care facility of rural people, and still continues to do. Further he puts utmost interest in serving the deprived and marginalized population. Apart from job, he is actively involved in promoting access to health care and health education services to the rural community. Dr.Banjade is pretty much busy with his work most of the time, but when he do have time, he spends it with intellectual people, diplomats and leaders and also loves reading philosophy, novels and biographies. He strongly hope to receive support and ensure that he will maintain his commitment to the organization, position and the nations. Dr. Banjade can be reached at:  Twitter:  Facebook:


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