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United Nation Youth and Student Association Nepal (UNYSAN) has been working for the past nine years in Nepal. It develops the leadership skills of the youth through voluntarism. It is now one of the biggest platforms creator for youth and students. UNYSAN organizes various social campaigns, training, workshop, conference to build up the confidence level, of the youth and students. It does not only focus on youth and students but also vulnerable group of society. In the past years UNYSAN had also exhibited to be the most prominent and active role in disaster management as well as helping the disaster affected community.
We have received huge number of request through email, Facebook, and phone calls about the general volunteer. It is very exciting platform for all those interested and energetic youth who wants to join UNYSAN as a volunteer. UNYSAN very excited to welcome you all to join the organization. 


United Nations Youth and Student Association Nepal (UNYSAN), established in august 2006, is an independent youth association recognized by WFUNA, UN headquarters NY, USA which is pioneer in the field of youth networking and combating challenge faced by youth for their participation promotion and protection as well as capacity building.United Nation Youth and Student association Nepal is directly recognize by WFUNA, UN Headquarter, NY, and USA. It has become a source of inspiration for millions and millions youth across globe. United Nations has been carrying out throughout the world for the greater interest of young people. Youth of the world have felt the need of contributing to strength the role of United Nations in achieving its goal’s enshrined in its charter. It is therefore, the youth of Nepal assembled together and decided to establish United Nation Youth and Student Association Nepal in order to contribute in alleviating these problems and meeting challenges on the way ahead and consolidating peace and international understanding. This Association will forge solidarity with the youth of other countries and work together for the noble cause of building international society based on peace ,social justice, harmony, nonviolence and common prosperity and unity.

About Volunteering in UNYSAN:

United Nations Youth and Students Association of Nepal (UNYSAN) is youth-led organization consisting entirely of youth volunteers. UNYSAN is a great way to teach about the United Nations, get other youth involved in understanding and sharing the ideals enshrined in the UN Charter and other universal principles. UNYSAN also provides a fertile ground for youth empowerment, education, networking, and generating public opinion to support the work of the United Nations to build a better world for all.

UNYSAN provides various opportunities for volunteering with young and energetic youth. The volunteering opportunities are open to both Nepalese youths and International Volunteers who might be interested to work in the field of youth problem in Nepal.

Volunteer Application

We are a committed, innovative, dynamic and exciting organization focused on youth opportunities and possibilities via membership and volunteering procedures. If you believe in the values and system of the UN and in pursuit of building up your skills, self-confidence and leadership we provide you the best platform. Please feel comfortable to be a part of UNYSAN family. We believe together we can achieve our goals and objectives.

Who can apply for general volunteer?

1-Any Nepalese aged between 15 to 26 years old

2-Should have sound mental and physical health state Have no criminal convictions

3-Must have keen interest to volunteer under UN and UNYSAN system Possess proactive and self-esteem quality believes in positive change Take on leadership positions in a range of areas

4-One who can work in team And if you are excited to share UNYSAN’s enthusiasm and commitment to the United Nations and its ideals, then become a proud volunteer of UNYSAN today.

5- Must be willing to work on a voluntary basis

6-(For Applicants below 16)

I, __________________________________________________________, mother, father, legal guardian of Ms./Mr.______________________________________________ does hereby declare that I have read the information provided above and decided to allow my child to participate.





  Commitment Submission Requirements:

  1. Aged between 15-26 years old and committed to the development, human rights and peace agenda of the United Nations.
  2. Willing to engage voluntarily with the global UN youth leadership initiatives and establish effective connections between local, regional and global initiatives.
  3. Experienced in working with youth networks, clubs and the community.
  4. Endorsed by a youth service or youth-led organization with a special interest
  5. Ability to Organize and act as a good team player, with a flexible working approach.
  6. Able to liaise and affiliate with differently structured organizations at the national,     regional, and international levels, such as: governments, donor agencies, UN agencies, educational institutions, media, NGOs, etc.
  7. Able to work well in a cross-cultural team and environment.
  8. Available to participate in meetings and activities in Kathmandu and out of Kathmandu if required.
  9. Gifted with strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to communicate clearly and outspoken too.
  10. A strong communicator (with skills in English an advantage)


I hereby certify that all facts and information indicated herein are true and correct. I further declare that any information given by me, which is untrue, may constitute a ground for expulsion from the United Nations Youth and Student Association of Nepal -UNYSAN.

I also certify that no portion of my certificates are fake which are mentioned in my documents . I am willing to volunteer and also will shoulder my transportation/travelling expenses necessary to facilitate my participation to the activity.



Date Accomplished

Who are especially encouraged to apply?

We strongly encourage applications from persons with diverse backgrounds and encourage female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds including people with disabilities are welcomed too. Participation in the UNYSAN is on a voluntary basis with no financial remuneration/benefit.

How to apply?

To apply for general Volunteer year 2016 you all are kindly requested to drop your CV with motivation letter in UNYSAN office including a passport sized photograph.

Time-: 11 am to 4 pm (Monday to Friday)

Deadline for applications is the 31th of August.

How will you be selected?

We will sort out the best one and call for final interview.

Interviews will be held on the September, 1st week. Successful candidates will be contacted.

And successful candidate must deposit a nominal registration fee for Volunteers.

How you will be benefited?

UNYSAN provides a fertile ground for youth empowerment, education, networking, and generating public opinion to support the work of the United Nations to build a better world for all.

  1. Serve as a voice for youth within the United Nations with regards to policies, actions and structural change.
  2. Increase the level of the youth awareness of the United Nations while emphasizing a global perspective
  3. Facilitate discussion and debate on a diverse range of issues through regular communication and activities
  4. Provide inspiration and opportunities for youth to realize their full potential as decision makers
  5. Promote the Millennium Development Goals and to support existing UN programs
  6. Empower young people to get involved in international affairs and civil society
  7. Represent the views of young people at a local, national and international level; and,
  8. Act as forum for young people to network and socialize.
  9. Educate young people and the community about the work of the United Nations
  10. Access to special trainings designed for volunteers
  11. Provisions of recommendations, awards and certification
  12. Special privilege will be given a general member of UNYSAN
  13. In more practical terms, UNYSAN aims to develop students’ skills in vital areas such as public speaking, debating, negotiating, research, social interaction and leadership. UNYSAN assists young people by broadcasting their horizons not only on current global issues, but also on their own ability to solve problems and tackle challenges. The community benefits by having a larger pool of focused, motivated and skilled young leaders.
  14. You will be the part of Different campaign and conference with UNYSAN
  15. Empower, uplift, and achieve greatness through servant leadership! Join and be part of the family, now!

If you’re ready to join hurry up and don’t miss this golden opportunity to be a part of UNYSAN.

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